One day, no child would be
afraid of a loved one!

About us

Big Open Hearts

The biggest fear for a kid is putting shame into the family name. Most kids won’t speak or seek help because of what the family would say or do. Fear makes them immune to the abuse and thinks it is ok. The kids hide the incident, and let it happen is better than bringing shame into their family name.

How we help


  • Raise awareness 
  • Educate  


  • Provide a safe environment.  

  • Work on the child’s mental health. 

  • Educate the child and the family.  

Legal System

  • Fighting for the Childs’s right.  

  • Fixing gaps in the system. 

  • Building a safe community  

How to become a Sponsor? It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving!

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