About us

Big Open Hearts

Big Open Hearts was founded by Ledi Vokshi. After many years of volunteering and collaborating with different Non-Profit Organizations in many matters, thru her platform she learned about many cases of  Albanian minors that were sexually abused for years.

Our story


She has learned something that no one can undo but could help fight for the future. 

Being a managing partner at Voltek IT (tech company) and a past Albanian professional singer, she thought of using technology to find the solution and her platforms of raising awareness. The seekers will know they have a place to turn to if they need info to educate themselves or help.  

The biggest fear for a kid is putting shame into the family name. Most kids won’t speak or seek help because of what the family would say or do. Fear makes them immune to the abuse and thinks it is ok. The kids hide the incident, and let it happen is better than bringing shame into their family name.  

After many months of researching and working with the best legal (Eriselda  Paveli), the phycological team with Dr. Aljona Jonuzi, Media (Ermal Qorri) the Educational teachers, we are ready to help these kids and families.  

Acknowledge the problem and fight for solutions – Ledi Vokshi  

One day no child will be afraid of a loved one!

Our core values


Strive to help exceed expectations every day by going the extra mile.


Set high standards in everything we do. Make sure we are ready and quick to help.  ​ 


Communicate openly and are ready to collaborate with every each one of seekers.​


Doing the right thing, even when it is a difficult choice and very transparent in every step. ​ ​ 


Foster a sense of belonging and welcome all equally. The seekers are no longer alone.​

Join us in our mission

Together we will help sexually abused Children have a bright future like they deserve!

You will be protecting a generation and making
sure they are not afraid of a loved one!


Facts and awareness about Sexual Abuse

42 million survivors of child sexual abuse are living in the US Today.

  • ​34% of sexually abused children are under age of 12

  • 66% of sexually abused children are between age 12-17 

  • 93% are known to the victim. Out of that 34% are family members

Every 9 min child protective services gets claims of child sexual abuse 

95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education and awareness

Abusers tend to utilize a manipulative process called “grooming” in order to gain the family’s and victim’s trust, providing them with more access to the child.

Grooming behaviors may include:

  • Special attention, outings, and gifts 
  • ​Isolating the child from others 
  • ​Filling the child’s unmet needs ​ 
  • Filling needs and roles within the family ​ 
  • Treating the child as if he or she is older

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